2023 Concerts

The Ralph Butler Band entertained one of the largest groups the concert series has seen.

June 3 – Power Play Band

June 17 – Dawn Weber Group

July 1 – Javier Mendoza Band

July 15 – Soulard Blues Band

July 29 – The Antics

Aug. 12 – Jim Stevens Group

Aug. 26 – Ivas John Band

Sept. 9 – Ralph Butler Band

6-9 p.m. Betsy Cook Pavilion, Lafayette Park

Food available to purchase

Pandemic note: We follow city regulations and CDC guidelines

2022 Concerts

  • June 4 – Jeremiah Johnson Bandx
  • June 18 – Rocky Mantia Combo
  • July 2 – Dawn Weber
  • July 16 – Javier Mendoza
  • July 30 – The Antics, Taylorville, IL
  • Aug. 13 – Rogers & Nienhaus with John Mondin and Paul Graves
  • Aug. 27 – Ivas John Band
  • Sept. 10- Ralph Butler Band

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Returning in this Valentine’s Day: Hearts on the fence, with help from Lafayette Prep Academy and KIPP schools, as well as friends and library patrons

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When Diana Haydon proposed this project, the other members of the Arts Council joked about snow. Little did we know that we would be putting hearts on fence posts when the temperature was 0.

Was it worth it? We think so.

Follow the link below to the Post-Dispatch article.


Photo by Donna Korando

Photo by Donna Korando

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